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Metaphysical Dictionary

The dictionary posted here is a sampling of an over 4,700 word compilation of many years research about metaphysical terms from Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Occult and other related terms.

These works are to be published in book format and all of the contents are copyrighted (c) 2005-2009 by Magickal Winds. This book will be available in our online store soon.

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Definition of Familiar

(1) Either a Witch's pet animal which has been trained to be a magickal helper, or an artificially created "elemental" which performs the same functions as the animal friend. (2) Animals supposedly used by Gothic Witches and others to help them with their magic; often believed to be incarnated spirits or the messengers of noncarnate ones. (3) A spirit or guardian who is close to a human being and considered a companion in magick. The spirit often manifests itself in a sacred object or a pet. This explains the misconception that all witches have black cats, which is not necessarily true though a cat is a magickal creature and often does become a familiar. (4) a pet who a Witch has a close bond with is a familiar. (5) is the term used for animal companions, such as cats, that are either trained to assist in magick, or are used as a mascot. (6) 1. an animal with a spiritual bond. It can also be entities who are created to protect home from astral. (TRASB) 2. a witch co-worker that is of a non-human existence. Animals are the most common familiars, thus the popularity of the witch’s cat. But familiars can also be discarnate spirits, spirit guides or elementals. The choice of having a familiar or not is a singular one, but most also respect the conscious choice of the being involved. (CMM) (7) An attendant spirit that appears in the form of an animal. (8) a animal that has a spiritual bond with a witch... usually a family pet, it can also be a creature from the astral plane. (9) An animal kept by a witch for the psychic help it can give; cats, dogs and horses in particular react very sensitively to negative influences, supplying early warning or corroborative evedence. Their human 'owners' (or rather, partners) are careful to give them psychic protection in return. Certain kinds of deliberately created and maintained thought-forms may also be called familiars. (10) An animal that has a spiritual bone with a witch; many times a family witch. Familiars can also be entities that dwell on the astral plane. (11) A creature or spirit who works with a sorcerer as an assistant, watcher, and guardian, and has a psychic bond with their master. (12) An animal who has a spiritual bond with a Witch; often is the family pet. Familiars can also be entities who are created to protect your home from the astral. (13) a magickal equal but animal partner, it shows unusual psychic & intelligent qualities with its human counterpart. Not merely a pet. And sometimes a created Being from the Will of the person. (14) An animal [either mortal or on the astral plane] which enhances a Witches magical workings. Familiars are also attributed to do tasks for Witches, but I don't know many familiars who do anything besides help out with raising energy during a rite. Traditionally, cats were most commonly associated as being a Witches familiar, which is why cats were often seen as bad luck in Europe around the early 1800s [massive slaughters of cats around that time led to a rise in the rat population wihch was the cause of the spread of the bubonic plague, more commonly known as the Black Plague]. (15)


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