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Metaphysical Dictionary

The dictionary posted here is a sampling of an over 4,700 word compilation of many years research about metaphysical terms from Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Occult and other related terms.

These works are to be published in book format and all of the contents are copyrighted (c) 2005-2009 by Magickal Winds. This book will be available in our online store soon.

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Definition of Radiesthesia

(1) Also known as pallomancy, dowsing or water-witching: It is the use of a pendulum for divination work in answering questions or to measure radiations from a given object or person to find the actual location of a person, place, thing, or element or in answering yes or no questions. You can also hold a pendulum over a chart to answer specific questions on life patterns. (2) Sensitivity and ability to detect biological radiations and resonances; clairvoyant healing. Also known as “dielectric, “Animal magnetism”. (3) (Clairvoyant Healing, Medical Dowsing, Medical Radiesthesia) Method of pseudodiagnosis and treatment selection. The word “radiesthesia” is the anglicized form of radiesthésie, an apparent euphemism for “dowsing” coined by the Abbé Alex Bouly in 1927. It literally means “perception of radia tion.” Dowsing (see above; also called “biolocation”) is a clairvoyant “art” centered on finding water, minerals, animals, missing persons, lost objects, or hidden treasure, usually with an instrument such as a pendulum or divining rod (a forked rod or tree branch, or a bent wire). “Radiesthesia” may refer to: (a) all forms of dowsing; (b) medical dowsing specifically; (c) dowsing and radionics; or (d) the ability to detect “biological radiations.” Bouly and two other French priests – the Abbé Alexis Mermet and Father Jean Jurion – pioneered medical dowsing. Mermet’s hypothesis was threefold: (1) everything emits radiation, (2) “some kind of current” flows through human hands, and (3) holding appropriate objects renders them revelatory tools. There are two basic “diagnostic” modes of radiesthesia: In one, practitioners supposedly detect and diagnose illness simply by passing their hands over the patient. In the other, they hold an “instrument” (see “pendular diagnosis”) over the patient or over a sample of tissue or body fluids, a photograph of the patient, or one of the patient’s belongings (e.g., an article of clothing). In the latter form of radiesthesia, practitioners base “diagnosis” on the movements of the “instrument.” - RCA


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