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Metaphysical Dictionary

The dictionary posted here is a sampling of an over 4,700 word compilation of many years research about metaphysical terms from Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Occult and other related terms.

These works are to be published in book format and all of the contents are copyrighted (c) 2005-2009 by Magickal Winds. This book will be available in our online store soon.

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Definition of Bind

Binding (1) to bind a spell, the spell caster chants a verse upon completion, announcing the end of the ritual and asking for the spell to begin its magick. (2) Using magick to restrain someone or something, or to 'bind' them to you.to magickally restrain someone or something. (3) magicakally restrain something or someone. (TRASB) (4) to restrain or confine something or someone. (5) To cast a spell upon, also to practice ligature. (6) To prevent or limit. in the magickal context the act of limiting a spell (ie: to ensure it will harm none) or person (ie: to prevent them from harming others). Some consider it unethical to bind people other than yourself or spells you did not cast. (7) 1. To tie down, tie together, restrain or to prevent a specific action. 2. To compel or obligate, such as by an oath. 3. To cast a spell upon and impose your will by the use of magick


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