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Metaphysical Dictionary

The dictionary posted here is a sampling of an over 4,700 word compilation of many years research about metaphysical terms from Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Occult and other related terms.

These works are to be published in book format and all of the contents are copyrighted (c) 2005-2009 by Magickal Winds. This book will be available in our online store soon.

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Definition of Esbat

(1) the monthly pagan holy time which coincides with the full moon. The word if from the French esbattre meaning to “gambol or frolic”. (CMM) (2) Celebration/rites held at night mainly on Full Moons. (3) Full moon ritual. (4) A gathering for ritual work, generally during the full or new moon. (5) The monthly meeting of Witches to celebrate the Full or New Moon. Most Witches use the term "Circle," rather than Esbat, and many groups meet more than once a month. The meeting is much like the weekly celebrations you might have at a church. A Witch who works alone can hold an Esbat whenever, and as often as he or she would like. A solitary Esbat can last from fifteen minutes to over an hour. How you plan your ritual is up to you. (6) A Wiccan ritual occasion celebrating the Full Moon. Compare with SABBAT. See also WICCA. (7) (8) A ritual usually occurring on the Full Moon and dedicated to the Goddess in her lunar aspect. (9) Pagan or Wiccan ceremonial time held between the high holidays and cross-quarter days; usually a full moon rite. (10) A ritual usually occurring on the Full Moon and dedicated to the Goddess in her lunar aspect. (11) A Lunar Celebration of Wiccans; celebrated at each Full Moon with a ritual. (12) A minor holiday. Meetings held once or twice each Lunar month. Most Covens hold Esbat at the Full Moon (or the three days proceeding). Many hold Esbat at the New Moon or the Dark of the Moon (or the three days preceding or following). (13) weekly or biweekly meeting of a coven. Traditionally held either on the full moon or the new moon. (14) A gathering for ritual work, generally during the full or new moon. (15) A Wiccan Ritual on any day other than the eight Sabbats. Esbats are often held on full moons and are dedicated to the Goddess (16) Any Wiccan religious celebration held which is not a sabbat, commonly held on full moons in honor of the goddess. (17) A Wiccan ritual, usually occurring on the Full Moon. (18) Ritual usually held on the Full Moon but can also be held on other significant moon phases, such as first and last quarter. It primarily honors the Goddess and a time to work magick. From the Old French "s'esbattre", meaning "to frolic


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