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Please keep in mind that this article contains my opinions based on readings, communications and experiences from different sources and is meant to provide diversity, variety and a broad spectrum of information/opinions and is not the expressed writings of Magickal Winds.

Druid’s Corner

What is a Druid?

written by: Red WolfMoon

There are many books written about the Druids and their existance ranging from 1-6 thousand years ago up to the Neo-Pagan Druids of today. There are many controversal interpretations as to what they did, what they were, where they lived, how they practiced their religion (way of life) and how they influenced mankind to how we live, celebrate and what we know today.

There are very few facts to go by since the lore of the Druids was passed down verbally and in song from generation to generation until they were pushed out, eliminated and sent into isolation by the agressive and violent religions of today.

Based on my readings, past lives experience and connection to the global ether knowledge of the collective unconcious. I have been able to paste together a different interpretation of the Druids.

  • My opinion about Druids:
  • They were the leaders of the Celts and their tribes
  • They were the Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Scientist, Phyciatrist, Professors, Musicians, Artist, etc. of their time
  • They were vegetarians and grew what they ate
  • Trees were sacred to them, each having differenet magickal properties where the Oak was the King of all trees
  • They would take students in from the community and were sought after by affluent families to teach their children
  • Jesus was one of their apprentices and took with him many of their teachings used in modern Christianity today
  • They were masters of the elements, nature, wildlife, and themselves using their will to sustain control over these forces
  • They were very peaceful, never sacrificed or killed any form of life and would only harvest plants for their food
  • There are historical ties of the Druids to Stonehenge and the lost continent of Atlantis
  • Druidry is one of the oldest known Religions in the World, dating back well over 5,000 years ago
  • Druid’s seek the Truth in all matters of life, nature and themselves (The Truth is Out There)
  • Modern Druids have retained some of the ways of the old Druids and have organized in various groups (listed below are two predominant Neopagan Druidry groups)


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