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If you don't see what you need then drop us a line and we will see if its in our inventory as we only have a small portion of our inventory on this site.

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Magickal Winds Spell Candles charged for specific intentions

If you believe in the power of candle burning and the light of True Magick, White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products could be one of your most potent sources of supply for candle magick. All our spell candles are infused with magickal intentions as they are being handcrafted and blessed. Whether it be for prosperity, healing, protection, peace, or other empowerments, each candle is a spell.

Candles / Seven Knob Candles
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Product Image Seven Knob Candles - LoveMWCND7K-LVSeven Knob Candles - Love$ 11.50Add to Cauldron

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