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If you don't see what you need then drop us a line and we will see if its in our inventory as we only have a small portion of our inventory on this site.

Magickal Winds Incense

Our Incense is authentically compounded in the ancient traditional alchemical manner, carefully formulated with herbs, spices and resins from all over the Earth.

Our rainbow collection of various fragrances - each suitable for meditation and ritual work - has been designed to burn cool and slowly, approximately one hour per wand, and to be as impurity-free as possible. Of course it costs more for us to use the high quality natural ingredients found in our incense than it does to mass produce those tired old perfume sticks or "grocery store" brands, but we’re sure that you will agree the high vibrational energies and excellent aromas that result, make it well worth our alchemists’ extra efforts.

Incense / Charcoal
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Product Image Three Kings Charcoal BriquettesMW3KNGCHRThree Kings Charcoal Briquettes$ 3.50Add to Cauldron

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