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Magickal Winds Pine Cone - Earth Element Symbol - 3 - 6 inch height
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Pine Cone - Earth Element Symbol - 3 - 6 inch height

Earth Element Symbol - each Loblolly Pine Cone has a 3 - 6 inch height

Loblolly Pine (Pinaceae Pinus taeda L.)

Fruit: Ovoid to cylindrical, 3 to 6 inch red-brown cones; umbo is armed with a short spine, maturing in early fall.

The pine cone has long been a symbol of the winter solstice.

Pince cones can be uses as incense and the smoke can be used for divination or protection. Pine cones arefilled the ancient knowledge from the trees they come from. They can also be used for protection as the smoke from burning them can drive away evil.

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