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Magickal Winds Rosemary Sacred Spirit Herbal Oil - 2 dram size
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Rosemary Sacred Spirit Herbal Oil - 2 dram size
Item No. MW10121

Add to love and healing magickal blends. Is also mood uplifting, help relieve fatigue, energizing, nerve stimulant, vapors help breathing, improves mental clarity and memory, disinfectant and repels insects. Contains 2 drams.

These are only suggestions for basic uses of these oils. Use your knowledge of planetary correspondences, color magick, psychic intuition, and other sources of information to help you make full use of these fine potent oils. High quality ingredients have been used to formulate these oils and every possible effort has been made to insure that they are safe to use. They are designated as ritual anointing oils for candles and the consecration of objects. Common sense will dictate how to safely, and with optimum benefit, use these oils. Blessed Be.

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