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Magickal Winds Enchantress, CD, Gypsy
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Enchantress, CD, Gypsy

Enchantress CD Gypsy
Label: White Light Pentacle
Format: CD
Release Date:8/28/2001
UPC: 79446554822

Gypsy - Main Performer
Jean Marie Renard - Cover Photo
Raj Dayal - Vocals

This is an excellent Pagan work of music, direct from Salem, Massachusetts. These songs of a Salem Witch, a Priestess, a Proprietress, an Enchantress - Gypsy Ravish, came through in dreams and invocations from life challenges, deep tribal memories and connections to the Ancestors. Let Gypsy's voice enchant you.

Explorations in Rock, Pop and Magick by Salem's own High Priestess of Song. Let Gypsy's music encircle you with Light!

CD song titles:
Magick (4:50)
Bring Back the Light (4:47)
Merlina's Theme (0:32)
Two Witches (5:45)
Lady (7:25)
Medicine Song (5:15)
Celestial Intro (1:57)
Enchantress (7:40)
Heaven's Gift (5:45)
Bell Choir (0:40)
We Want a World (4:41)

Price USD $16.95

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