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Magickal Winds An ABC of Witchcraft
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An ABC of Witchcraft
Item No. MW80050

An ABC of Witchcraft - Doreen Valiente

Product Description

What is the relationship of the Bible to Witchcraft What are Fairies, and Magical Alphabets What were the links between Druidism and Witchcraft An ABC of Witchcraft covers these subjects and many more from the well-informed and gentle viewpoint of practicing witch, Doreen Valiente.Arranged in alphabetical order for easy reference, the book discusses over 125 subjects that may concern anyone wishing to know more about this ancient pagan religion. Other topics include Atlantis, Witches' Familiars, Dancing, Fire Magic, Flying Ointments, Horses and Witchcraft, Initiations, Love Charms, Royalty and its connection with witchcraft, etc., etc., with up to several pages on each subject.Both the layman and experienced practitioner will find this book enjoyable and fascinating!Over 30,000 sold!

About the Author

Doreen Valiente was raised in the pagan "heartland" of England and has been initiated into four different branches of The Old Religion. As High Priestess to Gerald Gardner she is considered one of the revivers of modern-day witchcraft. She is the author of four books on the subject.

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