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Magickal Spells can take various forms, but in text, when read, they can convey the intent within our mind and channel our will to perform the magick, also when spoken, the words propogate through space, resonating it's energies with other energies, assisting in the manifestation with our will.

Spell of Financial Stability

Perform only on Waxing or Full Moons
I beseech the God and Goddess for their aid in my time of financial need
Money will find it's way into my possession
For my financial need is great and my family's future at stake
All my bills will be paid; utilities, mortgages, auto loans and credit
I will have a steady and abundant stream of money coming to me
For my financial need is great and my family's future at stake
All my financial burdens will be met
My house and vehicle will be saved
My family and I will once again sleep in peace
As money comes to me, enough to pay all current and future debts
And money enough to live happily, peacefully and without stress


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