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The owners of Magickal Winds have decades of experience in Wicca. Their experience and training includes the practices of Alexandrian, Gardnerian, Hereditary, Celtic, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Druid, Druidry, and DruidCraft traditions along with some Santeria and Voodoo/Vodoun. In addition to their experience and trainings, the owners of Magickal Winds are natural witches which have been blessed with the gifts of healing and psychic abilities; they give thanks to the Lord and Lady and the Deities by celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats and practicing white Magick for the good of all and the harm of none.

News Release

Magickal Happenings! Magickal Winds had aquired the on-line Metaphysical store Candle Mage and has merged the two stores into a Metaphysical Superstore!

Our product offerings include specialty hand-made candles, meditated candles, mojo bags, wands, essential oils, incense, gem pendants, books, gem and crystal pendulums and much more to provide you the tools to enhance the journey of our lives.

We also seek to provide a variety of services to aid in spiritual enlightenment including teleradiesthesia readings for long-distance customers and Tarot readings for local customers. Our site also includes pages and links of information to provide insights into self-exploration and spiritual growth.

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