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Articles and Bullitens

ALL About Mabon: History, Recipes, Correspondences, Activities and Much More!  (PART 3)

(A Diverse Collection of Mabon Information)


Posted and edited to fit MySpace's format by MAGICKAL WINDS

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Latin name: Allium cepa


Herbal uses: Onions can be used as treatment for infected wounds and for baldness. A

roasted Onion is a useful application to tumors or earache. Drinking Onion juice is a

protection against lung illnesses, colds, flu, and the plague.


Associations: Onion is associated with the planet Mars and the element of Fire. The Onion

is also often linked to the Moon, mostly due to color and shape of an Onion. As a

vegetable the onion is one of the sacred Druidic plants of the Sabbat of Mabon.


Magickal uses: Onion is useful in magick for exorcism, protection, clairvoyance,

cleansing, contacting other planes, divination, healing, lunar rites, purification and

spell-breaking. In protective magick, just as in cooking, onion is often combined with

garlic. Onion combined with Garlic is said to fend off witches (But, why? Oh, why would

you want to fend off a Witch?) and demons. Place cut onions in a sick persons room to

absorb the illness. Leave them overnight and throw away in the morning.




Latin name: Raphanus sativus


Parts used: root


Herbal uses: Radishes are an excellent food remedy for jaundice and cough.


Associations: The Radish is associated with the planet Mars. As a vegetabl the Radish is

one of the sacred Druidic plants of the Sabbat of Mabon.


Magickal uses: Use Radish in spells for strength or protection.




Herbs Sacred To Mabon

author unknown



Acorn / Oak


Latin name: White Oak - quercus alba; Red Oak - quercus rubra; Black Oak - quercus

velutina; etc.


Celtic name: Duir (pronounced: dur). Duir means 'door'.


Herbal usage: Oaks are known for astringent tonics and therefore tea made from Oak is a

good remedy for hemorrhoids. White Oak bark tea helps in sinus infections since it helps

unclog congestion. Acorns can be peeled and used to make various homeopathic potions used

to treat alcoholism, bad breath and constipation. Acorns can also be dried, crushed and

made into flour from which bread can be made.


Associations: The Oak is associated with the element of fire and is ruled by Mars and

Jupiter. The tree is sacred to Bridghid and the Dadga. The Druids were said to have

worshipped in Oak-groves in Gaul.


Magickal usage: The Oak is the tree known as "The King of the Grove" and was one of the

sacred three: 'Oak, Ash & Thorn'. It bestows protection, healing, financial success,

masculine virility, fertility and good luck. Uses of Oak in magick include carrying a

piece of Oak for protection. Acorns placed in a window can ward off lightning or

creatures that go bump in the night. They also can be carried to prevent illness and to

bring good luck. Oak branches can be made into wands or staves. When gathering Oak, be

sure to pour wine on the roots of the tree to thank it for allowing you to take a part of

it. Acorns should be gathered in the daylight, and leaves and wood by night. A waning

moon is the correct time to harvest Oak.





Latin name: Styrax benzoin


Part used: Benzoin is a gum (resin) collected from a tree that grows in Java, Sumatra and

Thailand. The gum or resin, called storax, is collected much like rubber is, permitted to

harden and then ground into a powder.


Folk names: Benjamin, Gum Benzoin, Siam Benzoin


Herbal usage: The powdered resin can be diluted with water and used externally as an

antiseptic skin wash. Taken internally (10 to 20 drops in water or tea 4X day) it

relieves fart gas. Used in a vaporizer, Benzoin can relieve sinus congestion and

bronchitis (thanks to Free for telling me about this).


Associations: Benzoin is associated with air, and is ruled by the sun.


Magickal usage: Benzoin is a powerful herb of purification. Add Benzoin powder to incense

to sanctify the area or better yet, add a drop or two of Benzoin oil on a burning

charcoal block. This will make billowing smoke that will cleanse and clean the area.

Benzoin, in a tincture form, is also used as a fixative to preserve magickal oils.

Benzoin can also be added to incense blends to attract business - just combine the

Benzoin with basil, peony or cinnamon. As an oil, Benzoin can be used in calming spells

since the oil brings peace of mind.





Latin name: Male Shield Fern - Dryopteris Filix-mas; Bracken Fern - Pteris Aquilina;

Moonwort - Botrychium lunaria.


Common name: Fern


Herbal uses: The Male Fern's root can be used in a powdered form to make a remedy that

will kill tapeworms . The root powder can also be added to salve for wounds and

burns. Bracken Fern can be eaten - the inhabitants of Palmaand Gomera (islands of the

Canary Group) use Bracken as food, grinding the rhizome to powder and mixing it with a

small quantity of barley, and the young fronds are eaten in Japan. In Siberia and in

Norway, the uncoiled fronds have been used for brewing a kind of beer.


Magickal Associations: Bracken Fern is associated with Mercury and Royal Fern with

Saturn. All ferns have an earth association.


Magickal Uses: Male Fern can be used to bring luck and prosperity. If it is carried, it

will attract women to the carrier and if it is burned outdoors it will attract rain. If

the Fern is dried over a balefire on the day of the Summer Solstice, it can then be used

as a protective amulet. The 'seeds' from a Fern are said to render one invisible - but

only if the seeds are gathered on Mid-Summer's eve. Moonwort is an herb of immortality

and must be gathered by moonlight if it is to work. Moonwort aids in opening locks -

Culpepper says: 'Moonwort (they absurdly say) will open locks and unshoe such horses as

tread upon it; but some country people call it unshoe the horse.' Moonwort was also said

to have been was used by the Alchemists, who thought it had power to condensate or to

convert quicksilver into pure silver.








Latin name: Barley - Hordeum Pratense


Herbal uses: Barley is especially useful in treating shattered nerves and is good for

getting rid of bladder and kidney problems. In fact Barley is just a good general tonic.

Barley is one of the best feeds to put weight on a thin horse - the barley is cooked on a

stove until the kernels split, and then fed to the horse warm.


Associations: Barley are associated with Saturn and with Venus. Its elemental association

is with the earth. It is associated with the full moon of the month of August (The barley

Moon) and as a grain is one of the sacred Druidic herbs of Mean Fomhair (also called



Magickal uses: Barley can be used in Love, Healing, and Protection spellwork.





Latin name - Zea Mays, etc.


Common names: Indian Corn is often called Maize or Squaw Corn.


Parts used: Seeds, silk, husks


Herbal uses: Corn silk is a mild stimulant, diuretic and demulcent, useful in the

treatment of bladder irritation and has also been employed in gonorrhea treatments. The

seeds are also diuretic and mild stimulants. A poultice can be made from the seeds to

treat ulcers, swellings, and rheumatic pains. An infusion of the parched Corn can help

control nausea and vomiting in many diseases. Cornmeal makes a palatable and nutritious

gruel and is an excellent diet for convalescents. Corn oil is used in treating

arteriosclerosis and high cholesterol. Mexicans of today are very skilful in making

fermented liquors from Corn - 'Chicka' resembles beer and cider, and a spirituous liquor

called 'Pulque de Mahis,' is made from the juice of the stalk.


Magickal Associations: Corn is a sacred Druidic herb of Mean Fomhair (also called Mabon)

and of Samhain. Corn is associated with the element of earth and the planets Venus and

Saturn. Because Corn was such an important part of the food supply of many early

cultures, almost every ancient religion had a Corn God or Goddess. Some of these Corn

deities are: Annonaria, Roman Goddess protector of the Corn supplies; Cerklicing, the

Latvian god of fields and Corn; Kurke, the Prussian God of Corn; Nepit, an Egyptian Corn

Goddess and Neper an Egyptian Corn-God; Nodutus, the Roman god who was held responsible

for making the knots in the stalks of Corn; Nzeanzo, the Sudan god of rain, medicine,

Corn, fertility and metal-working; Robigo, a Roman Goddess of Corn; Iyatiku, the Pueblo

Corn Goddess; and Gabjauja, the Lithuanian Goddess of Corn (with the advent of

Christianity She was, as were so many other Pagan deities, reduced to a demon).


*Magickal Uses: Corn can be used for spells protection, luck, and in divination. Corn on

the altar represents the power of the Corn Mother, She who blesses and nourishes all Her

earthly children. Often Corn husks and Wheat straw are used to create what are called

'Corn Dollies'. These are usually in the shape of a doll or are woven into various other

shapes and are carried as charms or put on an altar. Corn dollies can be hung from the

rafters of a house to offer protection for the house and all those who dwell within. Corn

can also be used in many forms of fertility magic. One Corn Fertility spell is used if

you want to get pregnant.... it requires that you eat Corn on the cob while saying:

"Bless my womb,

this seed of earth,

grant to me,

a healthy birth."


Corn can be worn as jewelry or in amulets to make the wearer closer to the spirit of the

earth. Corn can be used to divine the future. An old folk spell said that if a damsel

found a blood-red ear of maize, she would have a suitor before the year was out. Remember

that when harvesting Corn for magickal uses it is important to say thanks you to the

grain spirits:

"Mother of Corn

I harvest thee.

In spring thou wilt

A maiden be."





Latin name - Avena Sativa


Herbal uses: Oat tincture forms the basis for all nerve tonics and a mixture of cooked

Oats and Slippery Elm powder make an excellent poultice for skin troubles. Oatmeal is

ideal food for sick folks and a tea made from Oats will clear up chest congestion.


Associations: Oats have a planetary association with Mercury and Jupiter. The Oat is one

of the sacred Druidic herbs of the Sabbats of Lammas and Mabon.


Magickal uses: Oats are useful in money and prosperity spells. Oats can be used on the

altar in their grain form or straw form, and Oat flour can be used to bake Oat cakes as

offerings to the Goddess.





Herbal uses: Wheat germ and Wheat germ oil are excellent dietary supplements.


Associations: Wheat is associated with Venus and Jupiter.Wheat and other grains are

associated with Gods and Goddesses of death and resurrection. Tammuz (Sumerian) and

Adonis (Assyrian, Babylonian and Phoenician) are both Grain Gods. The Greek Grain Goddess

is Demeter and Ceres (where the word 'Cereal' comes from) is the Roman equivalent of

Demeter. Freya is 'The Lady' or 'Giver Of The Loaf' in Norse religions. As a grain, Wheat

is one of the sacred plants of the Druid' s for the Sabbat of Mabon.


Magickal uses: Wheat can be used in Fertility and Money spells. You also can do Wheat

flour divination - first dampen a surface (wood is good), then sprinkle Wheat flour onto

the damp surface while concentrating on your future, then use unfocused eyes to see what

patterns show up in the flour.



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