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Magickal Winds Needs Your Help: Protection and Three Fold Law Spell

by: Magickal Winds

Our apologies that our main website magickalwinds.com and myspace.com/magickalwinds is "looking" the way it is.

Magickal Winds came about due to our LOVE and PASSION for our deities, Magick, Wicca and Paganism. Magickal Winds is NOT our "bread and butter"; it is intended to educate, share and inspire spiritual growth. (Magickal Winds is not about "money or making money", it is about our love for our RELIGION). Magickal Winds was not intended to be a "store" but due to inquiries regarding quality products versus not-so-quality products, we decided to carry a full line of hand–made quality products only. Our ritual products are hand–made during the corresponding moon phases to produce the correct and maximum positive energies and intent. (These products are "quality tested" by Magickal Winds’ personal uses in spells, ceremonies, rituals, Magick, personal jewelry etc.)

Now that you have some understanding as to why Magickal Winds is, let me get to the point! Some ignorant, pathetic ’being’ continues to hack into our main website and redirect it to a fake page and now it appears they have taken our images/pictures and IP address down also (hence the websites have no pictures or images).

Thankfully most of us here at Magickal Winds are computer savvy and have been able to stop and block this AHole and we WILL catch the ’persons’ involved. We have identified their location, and eventually, we will be having our vampire of a lawyer pressing charges (the LAW works in mysterious ways! You just need an evil lawyer to twist and turn the law around to benefit you!)

It appears that the ’individuals’ who have nothing better to do than to hack into Magickal Winds is another Pagan/Metaphysical/Wiccan shop/store who feels ’threatened’ by Magickal Winds. So as the saying goes, "Buyer beware!" as to whom you purchase your Magickal items from, since they may be full of negative energies. Always cleanse, consecrate and charge newly purchased items.

Unfortunately most people do not practice what they preach and or do not live by the Wiccan Rede. Now, I understand that some individuals out there are misinformed that if they do not believe in spells, witchcraft, karma etc., that they are somehow ’immune’ to it’s effects; I promise you, by the time we are done with the hacker/s, they WILL believe!

In the meantime, I am asking a favor from the Pagan and Wiccan communities: Please help us send this malicious, negative energy BACK to the SENDER IN THREE-FOLD! The following is a (mild spell, not a viscous as MY OWN spell) that if I get enough of you to mediate or do this spell, hackers will seriously think twice before doing this to anyone ever again!

Thanks in advance and for those who do the spell, please write me a note to let me know, I will return your good intent in three-folds (this obviously excludes the hackers!).

I hope this all makes sense, I have had to write this with an unbelievable amount of interruptions and distractions!

The spell is below; as with any spell, please read a few times so that you UNDERSTAND what you are asking from your Deity. (If you understand what you are asking from your Deity it will obviously make your spell MUCH stronger; if you do not understand a spell or the intent of a spell, you should NOT do that spell!):

Thanks in advance and Blessed Be,

Magickal Winds

Protection and Law of Three Spell

By the Power of the Lord and Lady,
working for me and through me,
I, and Magickal Winds are divinely protected and perfectly safe;
my family is divinely protected and perfectly safe.
According to free will and for the good of all,
according to the three-fold law,
in all time and all space,
I hereby release
all cause, all manifestation, all form and all essence
of everything and anything negative,
specifically having to do with hacking into Magickal Winds,
and I specifically release all cause, effect, manifestation, form or
essence of anything having to do with
maliciously tampering with Magickal Winds,
all of this and anything else negative, named and unnamed,
is dissolved and released and turned to good, in my life and the lives of my family and Pagan family/friend, Magickal Winds.
In the names of the Lord, the Lady, Aradia, Hecate, Diana, Freya, Selene, Cernunous, Pan and Odin,
all psychic and internet web attacks are gone!
And Magickal Winds is free!
So mote it be!

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