Tattoos and Magick!

Posted in magick, Tattoos on April 5, 2009 – 2:49 PM
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This was sent to me by Mulysa Mayhem – Magickal Tattoo Artist/GQ.  I think this is a very interesting topic that has been greatly overlooked…

Mulysa Mayhem – Magickal Tattoo Artist/GQ wrote;

“Blessings to my Brothers and Sisters of the Magickal Community – if you have an interest in tattoos and magick then please join me!

I will be a guest on SEPIA RVP Radio on the Para-X radio network (a division of CBS radio) with host Eric Dionne discussing the Magick of Tattoo.The show will be broadcast on MONDAY – APRIL 6th – 10PM EST. Go to to tune in! the number to call to join us is:910.338.1062

In the modern world tattoos have been commonly perceived as marks of rebellion or of identifying lower class counterculture group members. Today with shows like “Miami Ink” and “L.A. Ink” they’ve become a mainstream fashion trend decorating everything from the ankles of soccer moms & full backs of corporate executives to the lower backs of giggling 18 year old girls.

We see tattoo designs on handbags, energy drinks, t-shirts & now even baby clothes – but before tattooing was the mark of “ne’er-do-wells” & a popular fashion novelty, they were important & powerful marks of transformation and identification. They adorned the bodies of powerful chieftains, kings & queens, sacred dancers & musicians, priests & priestesses, warriors & soldiers alike. Used to bring protection, healing, wisdom, strength & more into their lives. Magickal people the world over – Witches and members of Secret Societies – still to this day brandish the magickal mark & we will chat about how & why.

Come join the fun! BLESSED BE! / 93!”

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